I am a translator, proofreader and writer who is passionate about writing, languages, groundbreaking art, sustainability, and environmental conservation. I am also a fair trade enthusiast and a strong supporter of global solidarity and human rights.

In both writing and translating, my wish is to concentrate on things that matter. A better life for everyone is my passion and I want to combine all my knowledge in order to help to reach that goal. For me, reaching that goal means concentrating on both physical aspects of life and our surroundings as well as on psychological wellbeing of the humanity.

As a translator and proofreader, my areas of expertise include sustainable development, climate change, sustainability crisis, circular economy, development co-operation, fair trade, equality, environment and renewable energies. I am also interested translation projects that deal with arts, culture or gender, or all combined. I have worked with languages in different areas of life over 15 years. I translate for both public and private sector. My past work include, for example, materials for culture and art projects, study materials on nature and environment, marketing materials for travel and tourism, academic research articles and projects for the humanities and social sciences, and various sustainability content.

As a writer, I mostly concentrate on sustainability, environment, renewable energy, culture, and art. I explore the intersections of ecological sustainability and culture, and have previously written articles about those adventures for Global Senses project.

I have a Master of Arts degree in English. My work languages in translation, proofreading and writing are English and Finnish.